(Scroll down to skip the chat and get right to the hyperlinks to the forms we’re all after.)

So it turns out that registering to vote in Northern Irish elections is still a bit of a faff compared to the rest of the UK where you can do it online. Unsurprisingly, we have to do it by post.

The process is easy enough, just a little bit more effort than you’d like. If you have any doubts about being registered to a past address or think you’re still registered at university and not at home or something, it’s best to just send in the form again or maybe phone them up to check (0800 4320 712).

So it’s a good thing we’re here to talk you through it.

(A less friendly but altogether more dense FAQ can be found by clicking this link.)

What you’ll need:

  • some internet
  • a printer
  • a black pen
  • your name and address and date of birth
  • your national insurance number
  • knowledge of where you’ll be on election day
  • the address of your local electoral office
  • an envelope
  • a first class stamp
  • a postbox

What to do:

All you’ll be doing is printing a thing, writing on the thing, and posting the thing. If you’re really confused by the current state of the Royal Mail, go in and chat to a post person in person.

Get your black pen and turn on your printer. Have your national insurance number ready and make sure you remember your BLOCK CAPITALS.

Right, here’s where it gets tricky and we enter the world of PDFs. Click the link which applies to you, and print out the document that comes up:

In person Voter Registration – deadline 14th February

Postal/Proxy Voter Registration – deadline 10th February

Basically just follow their instructions and it’ll be fine. A list of local electoral offices can found below. If you’re scared you’ve left it too late and/or don’t trust the post, you can just hand it in directly to your local electoral office before 5pm on the deadline day. If you lie on the form and get caught you’ll go to prison or pay a fine, so don’t do that. And if they need to check up on any of the details on the form they may ask you to submit some evidence.

You’ll need to organise a postal/proxy vote if you’re gonna be away on the day of the vote. If you live outside of NI you can still apply to vote, provided you or your parents were registered to vote in the last 15 years. Postal means you’ll get a thing delivered to your address and you’ll send it back in advance of the vote itself, proxy means you’ll be trusting someone you know to vote on your behalf and they’ll need to sign a section of the form themselves. Bear in mind that these special applications need to be in a few days earlier than the rest (10th February).

But yeah, all pretty easy…

Good luck!

Area Office Address Constituencies

(Please note that the Ballymena and Newtownards Area Offices have permanently closed since the last election.)

Lagan Valley, Newry & Armagh, South Down, Upper Bann

Banbridge Area Electoral Office
52 Bridge Street
BT32 3JU

Belfast South, Belfast West

Belfast Area Electoral Office
1st Floor
15 Church Street

East Londonderry, Foyle

Derry/Londonderry Area Electoral Office
20(A) Queen Street
BT48 7EQ

Belfast North, East Antrim, South Antrim

Newtownabbey Area Electoral Office
1-3 Portland Avenue
BT36 5EY

Belfast East, North Down, Strangford

Belfast Area Electoral Office
1st Floor
15 Church Street

Mid Ulster, North Antrim

Newtownabbey Area Electoral Office (B)
1-3 Portland Avenue
BT36 5EY

Fermanagh & South Tyrone, West Tyrone

Omagh Area Electoral Office
21 Kevlin Avenue
BT78 1ER


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