Throughout February 2017, we got people from all over Northern Ireland to contribute personal pieces in the run up to the election on March 2nd. 28 days in February for 28 different voices.

We figured the election campaign was going to be grim, and that not much would change since the last one held only nine months ago. So instead of waiting for the gatekeepers of the Northern Irish news cycle to tell us how to think and how to vote, we reached out to you.

We had people who were born in Northern Ireland and people who have moved to Northern Ireland, people who lived in Northern Ireland before but don’t anymore, and people who just care about the people that live there.

We particularly encouraged submissions from groups that are normally underrepresented in the media. The editorial team at Fly By Those Nets didn’t necessarily agree with everything posted, and that was kind of the point.

We are encouraged by the range of views expressed during the month, and are looking forward to continuing to showcase the best new writing talent from Northern Ireland in the future. Northern Ireland needs to hear from as many of you as possible.

Here is the full list of submissions to the project, and you can find the discussion at #28daysNI.

1st: Nathan Stewart – Catch Yourself On: Keeping Up With NI From Abroad
2nd: Christine Carlin – Calling a SPAD a SPAD
3rd: Denver Charles – Our Shared History Demands Shared Schools
4th: Matt Grant – Youth Activism: We Aren’t The Future, We’re The Present
5th: Ruth Allum – Stormont’s Attitude to Sporting Success Shows Its Immaturity
6th: Ryan Hendry – Living As An Austic Adult in Northern Ireland
7th: Phil Hill – A Dismayed Unionist’s View From Across The Irish Sea
8th: Sara Houston – Curry My Crocodile
9th: Ciaran Quinn – Identity In The Time Of Brexit
10th: Daniel Stafford -What Does Netflix Have To Do With The Election?
11th: Daniel Lane – People, Places, Things
12th: Peter Brimstone – A Tick In The Other Box
13th: Andrew Pope – Northern Ireland’s Not That Bad Now The World Has Gone To Shit
14th: Anonymous – Positive: A Personal Account of Having an Abortion
15th: Matt Gillespie – I Feel It Every Time
16th: Naomi Chilombo Mutolo – Should I Pick A Side?
17th: Robert Stewart – “The Cyclist”
18th: Peter Grier – Great Minds Don’t Think Alike
19th: Stephen McCrory – A Strange Phenomenon
20th: Malachy Clarke – Blur(red) Lines
21st: Norma Stewart – Spectrums
22nd: Jo Zebedee – Aliens In Belfast? Why On Earth?
23rd: Elizabeth Murphy – Moving On
24th: Ziv Gray – Writing LGBTQIA+ Fantasy For Northern Ireland
25th: Maria McManus – Believe Their Behaviour, Or Move Closer To Midnight
26th: James Ashe – Who Can Blame Them For Leaving
27th: Naomh Gallagher – Coming Back To Go Forward
28th: Fionnuala Lenaghan – Fragrant Harbours: Northern Ireland & Hong Kong

If you fancy having a go yourself, get in touch! In fact, just get in touch anyway.

If you want to submit something directly, or want to submit anonymously, please fill out this form.